, as a pharmaceutical company, focuses on the development and distribution of medicines, food supplements and cosmetic products that apply to every human need. Our main goal is to create and provide innovative products and integrated product lines in health and beauty with guaranteed results. Our company remains loyal and committed to human, trust and to the mutual relationship with customers, through continuous research and creation of high quality products.
All our products have been approved for the EU market

Our policy is to respond to every need by developing and distributing products that fulfill all the requirements of each legislation. We rely on science and nature to improve the health and wellbeing.
We envision a world of accessible wellness to everyone.
The believes of our company coincide with the principles of Hippocrates “Therapy is used to enhance the healing power of nature” «νούσων φύσιες ιητροί»

Our main priority is to Respect and Care Human Life, to take under consideration every social dimension and of course protect the environment.
Good and ethical business practice is ensured by complying to every law and regulation as well as to internal codes of conduct.
The constant knowledge and creativity are the main resources of our company that bring innovation and development.